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Worldwide Focus Media Co.,Ltd was founded in 2013. It is an outstanding BTB media representative agency for overseas’ media such as magazines, websites, new media and seminars etc. These industries we cover are stage and entertainment/system integration/cinematographer; electronics; parking; HVACR; automotive; medical etc for 32 overseas professional media partners and 51 BTB magazines. The media partners we cooperated with are all over the world. We can help China top brandings to reach any oversea’s market/any country with the best multi-media market solutions, either for brand awareness or for leads generations. Our media partners are the real overseas’ media giant and pioneer in the specific country.
Our mission is help China National Brandings become the real International Brandings. Change China Image, from “Price Image ”into“ Brand Image/Country Image”. In the past 5 years, we are supporting our clients to make progress in reaching the goal. And In the coming decade, we will keep on going!

The industries we serve and overseas magazines we presented are:

  1.North America-<<PLSN>>,<<FOH>>,<<MMR>>
  2.Europe-<<Mondo dr>> 
  3.Russia(Stage, Entertainment,Rental)-<<Light. Sound. News>>
  4.Australia-<<CX magazine>> wide-<<AVL WORLD>>
  6.Asia and Middle East-<<AVL Asia & Middle East>>
  7.Indonesia-<<AVL Indonesia>>
  8.Vietnam-<<AVL Vietnam>>
  9.Philippine-<<AVL Philippine>>

  1.Russia- <<Components & Technologies>>

  2.North America-<<Parking Mobility>>
  3.Europe-<<Traffic Technology International>>
  4.Asia and Middle East-<<SECURITY SOLUTIONS TODAY>>
  5.Southeast Asia-<<SOUTHEAST ASIA BUILDING>>

  1.Latin America-<<ACR Latinoamerica>>
  2.Middle East-<<Climate Control Middle East>>English Edition 
   <<Climate Control Guide & Directory>>
   <<Climate Control Refrigeration Buyer’Guide>>
  3.UK and Europe-<<THE BESA BOOK>>
  4.UK and Europe-<<YOUR BESA MAGAZINE>>

  1.Europe-<<Architetural Review>>
  4.Russia-<<Energy Conservation>>
  5.UK and Europe-<<TIMBER>>

  1.UK and Europe-<<Journal of Trauma and Orthopaedics>>
  2.UK and Europe-<<the bulletin>>


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We can assign our media representatives in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Taiwan and Hong Kong to make local services for you.