Solid State Lighting


1. Market News and Events of the LEDs market
2. LEDs and LED Clusters:LED Chips, LED Packaging, Phosphors, Primary Optics, LED Manufacturing Equipment.
3. Secondary Otptics
4. Cooling Systems and Heatsinks
5. LEDs Test and Measurement Systems
6. Solid-State Lighting Projects and Applications:
7. General Lighting, Automotive Lighting and Signaling, industrial Lighting, Street Lighting,   Architectural Lighting, Advertisement Signs and Panels, Railway Lighting, Traffic Signs,  Railway and Obstruction Lights, Torches and Portable Lighting Systems.
8. LEDs Certificaiton

Vol.1 of 2014 will be in Electro-2014 (Rostov-on-Don), Fotonika (Moscow) and New Electronics (Moscow)

Vol.2 of 2014 will be on Expo-Electronica (Moscow)

Vol.3 of 2013 will be on the small shows in St.Petersburg and shows
and usually in the end of May and June we distributed magazines
on the some lightings seminars and conferences

Vol.4 of 2014 - some hows in Novosibirsk and Moscow

Vol.5 of 2013 - InterLight and RadEl (St.Petersburg)

Vol.6 of 2013 will be on the Power Electronics (Moscow)